Setting up a microcap stock portfolio

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Guidelines for getting your portfolio underway Finding the stocks to buy is only a fraction of the equation when it comes to investing. Beyond what to buy, you need to know where, how much and when to set up your portfolio effectively. If that sounds complicated, we'll simplify it for you. Where? You'll need a brokerage. [...]

Which brokerage is right for you in a zero commission market?

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 On October 1, Charles Schwab was the first major brokerage to cut commission fees by dropping its $4.95 per trade commission entirely beginning on October 7. Shortly after Charles Schwab’s announcement, E*Trade followed suit with $0 trades also starting on October 7. Then, TD Ameritrade (which merged with Scottrade) joined its competitors with a rollout date [...]

Top 3 Free Websites for Stock Analysis

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With all the stock research tools out there today, it’s tough to get a handle on which ones provide the best resources. If you actively analyze small cap stocks like we do, then you need to only use the best of the best. Let’s breakdown our favorites and why we use them regularly. Finviz Finviz.comis a [...]

How to use the new Forums feature

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Editor Faris Sleem walks you through our all new Forums feature, showing you how to access, search and post content. Check it out today! As a reminder, subscribers who post before February 15, 2018 will automatically receive a free copy of the January 2018 Bowser Database. The Database will publish at the end of [...]

Chatting with LRAD Leadership

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Editor Faris Sleem talks growth, outlook and new products LRAD Corporation (LRAD) shares are up about 20% since our recommendation just under a year and a half ago, and the stock is trading at a new two-year high. It has announced significant improvements in its bookings, its top and bottom lines and its pipeline. Since the company is hitting major milestones, [...]

3 Attributes of a Growth Stock

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What to look for in a potential growth stock The majority of our penny stock recommendations are growth stocks, as value stocks are hard to find nowadays. We use the three following attributes spot growth stocks. Below, we break them down to help you find similar securities and understand what makes these investments so great. COMPETITIVE [...]