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Historical Performance Statistics

Total Picks


% of Picks Appreciated


% of Picks Doubled


Top Gainers of All Time

Semtech Corp. (SMTC) +43,767%
Smithfield Foods (SFD) +25,900%
MICROS Systems (MCRS) +23,348%

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Sample Portfolio Performance

Since September 2001, we've tracked the performance of a hypothetical portfolio in each newsletter. Below are some of the statistics:

Number of Holdings


Well Diversified

The Beginner's Portfolio has consistently held 18 Bowser picks over the past several years to maintain adequate diversification.

Average Age of Holdings


Decent Turnover

The average age of each holding is just over of 11 months. The oldest is over three years old, while the newest was added in May 2022.

Portfolio Value


Beating the Market

The portfolio is up 442% lifetime when accounting for proceeds from sales and trade commissions. That's a CAGR of 8.48% compared to the S&P 500's CAGR of 7.38% over the same period (source).

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2021's picks

Date* Ticker Original Price** Current Price† Max Gain
January WLMS 1.43 1.66 355%
February MNDO 2.64 2.67 44%
March WAVD 2.24 2.41 168%
April SGRP 1.68 1.31 130%
May KTEL 0.67 1.15 194%
June MACE 0.57 0.26 16%
July PRKA 0.75 0.38 32%
August CTHR 2.62 1.44 33%
September CLRO 2.61 0.58 5%
October EVOL 2.31 1.47 24%
November DYNT 1.51 0.67 3%
December GASS 2.83 3.34 48%

*We use the prior year's picks to protect subscriber exclusive content.

**Prices are one week after recommendation.

†Current prices are updated each March, June, September and December.

Recent performance

Original recommendation: March 2011
Original recommendation: January 2013
Original recommendation: March 2012