About Us

Bowser beginnings

In the 1970s, R. Max Bowser noticed that there was tremendous value in certain companies trading under $3 per share. These companies required less capital than larger companies and provided greater leverage. To discover which opportunities were the best, Max formed what became the Bowser Rating System and Bowser Game Plan. These combine to form an investment strategy for buying and selling mini-priced stocks.

In 1976, Max decided to share his findings with other investors. He wrote the first issue of The Bowser Report in October of that year. This first issue was sent to approximately 100 free subscribers. In just under 40 years, tens of thousands of investors have subscribed the The Bowser Report.

Why mini-priced stocks?

The Bowser Report provides you with a full analysis of each new Company of the Month. You'll also receive timely follow-up on each of our current recommendations through our array services. With the heavy lifting out of the way, you get the benefits of mini-priced stocks with only a fraction of the work.

The following are Max Bowser's six big reasons for buying mini-priced stocks:

  1. Make money
  2. Little capital requirement
  3. Minimum effort
  4. Protection from severe losses
  5. Little concern for daily market fluctuations
  6. Benefit from our research

Bowser services

Since 2012, The Bowser Report has added an online service, as well as a weekly newsletter and daily updates for online subscribers. Now, more than ever, you will receive timely information regarding the best mini-priced stock opportunities out there.

To find out how The Bowser Report can benefit you, visit our Subscribe page.