Bowser Beginnings

In the 1970s, Founder R. Max Bowser noticed tremendous value in certain companies trading under $3 per share. These companies required less capital than larger companies and provided greater leverage. To discover which opportunities were the best, Max formed what became the Bowser Rating System and Bowser Game Plan, which together form an investment strategy for buying and selling mini-priced stocks.

The keys points are:

  • Financial stability: Identify companies with a solid financial foundation
  • Potential catalysts: Isolate companies with strong growth and/or value prospects
  • Disciplined entries: Define what price is acceptable to pay for a LONG-TERM investment
  • Predefined exits: Set profit/loss orders based on PRICE, not emotion

In 1976, Max decided to share his findings with other investors. He wrote the first issue of The Bowser Report in October of that year and sent it to approximately 100 free subscribers. Almost 50 years later, tens of thousands of investors have subscribed to and profited with the The Bowser Report.

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Why The Bowser Report?


The Bowser Report uncovers exciting investment opportunities by applying a unique ratings system to stocks trading for $3 or less per share.


The Bowser Report teaches and encourages a proven strategy for buying and selling small stocks that has generated substantial profits for thousands of subscribers.


The Bowser Report charges a fraction of what other investment advisories charge, and subscribers get deeper analysis and more regular follow up delivered in a convenient, concise manner.

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The increased depth of the stocks in The Bowser Report, their variety and scope of information is a business education in itself.
John Basil, Subscriber
When I first started investing 14 or 15 years ago with The Bowser Report, I had $10,000. The account has grown from that basic $10,000 to over $120,000.
Marq Apel, Subscriber
My 2013 New Year’s Resolution was to invest in stocks for the first time ever. Last year, I invested a little over $2,600 and ended the year with a market value of close to $4,400 (+69%).
Deidre Donovan, Subscriber
The Bowser Report is the most straight forward, to the point and honest information out there. Follow it's guidelines and you could pull in an average return of 15% or more annually.
Ed Kaulbars, Subscriber

Meet Our Team

Thomas Rice
Thomas RicePublisher
Thomas joined The Bowser Report in Fall 2010 as a research assistant. Learning from Max Bowser, his passion or minipriced stocks quickly grew. In 2013, Thomas become the newsletter's publisher. Throughout his tenure as publisher, he's maintained one goal: to continue Max's legacy of providing top quality research on low priced stocks. To help deliver the content more effectively, Thomas brought the newsletter online and launched the Weekly Updates and Mover Alerts to deepen the analysis subscribers receive.
Faris Sleem
Faris SleemEditor
Faris has many years of long-term investing experience, joining The Bowser Report in 2014 as a blog contributor. Currently editor of the newsletter, he actively researches minipriced stocks and writes the newsletter's content. Faris is also a full time day trader and teaches retail investors how to trade for a living through his other business venture Trade with Techs. He specializes in fundamental analysis for long-term investments and technical analysis for short-term investments.
Cindy Bowser
Cindy BowserCo-Editor
Cindy graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in International Relations and a minor in Economics. After college, she worked at Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch in Seattle and San Francisco. Then in 1982, Cindy joined her father in his business, The Bowser Report, where she worked beside him for 30 years. To this day, she still edits the newsletter.