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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get started once I’ve subscribed?2019-07-06T14:00:12-04:00

There are two best actions:

  1. Check out the How We Pick 'Em & How to Profit white paper, which will guide you on our philosophy.
  2. Head to the Subscriber Section and read the latest monthly newsletter.

How do I renew my subscription?2019-07-06T13:58:28-04:00

If you are on an automatically recurring payment plan, no need to worry about renewing. You will receive an email alerting you that we will deduct the fee prior to us charging your account.

If you do not have a recurring plan, you can click the Renew link at the top of the Subscriber Section or contact us for information regarding payment or to renew over the phone.

Can I request a refund?2019-07-06T13:56:08-04:00

You may cancel your subscription at any time. Refunds are available in accordance with our refund and cancellation policy:

  • Monthly subscriptions are refundable within the first 7 days after the purchase.
  • Quarterly subscriptions are refundable within the first 14 days after the purchase. Refunds are for non-published issues only.
  • Annual subscriptions are refundable within the first 60 days after the purchase. Refunds are for non-published issues only.
Can I cancel my subscription?2019-07-06T13:54:03-04:00

Yes. You may cancel your subscription at any time. Read more information about our refund and cancellation policy.

Are subscriptions on a recurring payment schedule?2019-07-06T13:53:14-04:00

Yes, depending on which payment option you select (monthly, quarterly, annual). You may cancel at any time with no penalty.

Can I send The Bowser Report as a gift?2019-07-06T13:52:26-04:00

Absolutely! Simply fill out the contact information for the recipient and enter your payment information at checkout.

How do I reset my password?2019-07-06T13:51:24-04:00

If you are logged in, click the My Account link at the top of the Subscriber Section.

If you are not logged in, you can click the Forgot Password link on the log in page, or contact us to request a password reset.

How do I access my subscriber content?2019-07-06T13:48:17-04:00

We distribute content two ways:

  1. To access your content at any time, log in to your Bowser online account, which will redirect you to the member exclusive content.
  2. Check your email regularly for the latest content.

How have The Bowser Report’s picks performed?2021-09-14T12:29:38-04:00

Since 1976, we've recommended 694 companies. 93% gained after recommendation, and 67% doubled or more compared to their price at recommendation. For more details, visit our performance page. For subscribers, the annual Historical Review is available.

Does The Bowser Report track the performance of its recommendations?2019-08-08T08:28:41-04:00

Yes, we have a page that features general performance facts. We also publish the performance of each of our picks in the annual Historical Review (published each March), which is available for subscribers to download from our website.

Do you issue samples copies or a trial period?2019-07-06T13:43:55-04:00

We have sample copies of the latest monthly newsletter available upon request. Please contact us to request one.

How often are new stocks recommended?2019-07-06T13:42:34-04:00

We recommend one new company each month and follow up on previous recommendations. Currently, the newsletter tracks over 50 companies each month.

How do I subscribe?2019-07-06T10:00:32-04:00

We take subscriptions via our website, or over the phone (757.877.5979). Visit our subscribe page for more information.

How is the content delivered?2019-07-06T09:59:28-04:00

We publish new content on our website's Subscriber Section. We also email new content to subscribers for download as it's published.

What is The Bowser Report?2019-07-06T09:57:40-04:00

The Bowser Report is a subscription-based investment newsletter that specializes in stocks trading for less than $3 per share.

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