Find stock ideas using the Low-Priced Investment Ideas Database

One of the most challenging aspects of investing (once you've set your strategy) is finding investment ideas. In the past, we've discussed the best screeners to uncover opportunities, but there is another way.

The Low-Priced Investment Ideas Database is the culmination of all of The Bowser Report's screens into a single document with the sole purpose of helping you discover the next winner for your portfolio.

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What is the Low-Priced Investment Ideas Database?

The Database is a listing of several stocks that we've identified and conducted initial analysis on... think of it as a sort of "watchlist."

In it, we note everything from a company's name and symbol to its income statement/balance sheet figures to its very own Bowser Rating. The list of information includes:

  • Company Name
  • Ticker Symbol
  • Business
  • 52-Week High
  • Annual Dividend
  • Sales (Revenue) Figures
  • Earnings Figures
  • Shares Outstanding
  • Book Value
  • Long-Term Debt
  • And MORE

Why publish this information?

The 10+ pieces of information that we publish on each company all tie back to the Bowser Rating System. Over the past 45+ years, this system has been applied to countless stocks in order to identify the greatest opportunities in low-priced securities.

However, we take the information one-step further in the Low-Price Investment Ideas Database by specifically calling out the top companies in six different metrics:

  1. Dividend Yield
  2. Payout Ratio
  3. Sales Growth
  4. Earnings Growth
  5. Price-to-Book Ratio
  6. Net Assets Ratio

After all, once you know your strategy (Income, Growth, Value or any combination of these three), it's helpful to know who are the top performers within each.

For example, see the Top Dividend Yield company in the August 2021 Database:

Example of a dividend investment idea

How to best use the Database

The Database is a quarterly publication due to the quarterly schedule of earnings releases. Each quarter, we send out not only a PDF version (like the sample above) but also an Excel version for subscribers to sort and manipulate as they see fit.

The idea is to provide a concise list of prescreened companies for you to sift through and identify companies to pursue further due diligence on. Conducting your own research is always a must.

As an investor, it's up to you to come up with a process for applying the sources of information at your disposal, but an example of one such process for the Database is as follows:

  1. Open the PDF and read through the most recent Income, Growth and Value ideas (paying particular attention to those that fit within your investment style)
  2. Look through the Stocks Under $3 and Stocks Under $5 listings by looking through the PDF and sorting the Excel file (see if any pique your interest and/or track any changes in those that previously piqued your interest)
  3. Use a source like Finviz or Yahoo! Finance to conduct further analysis on any stocks that really catch your eye
  4. Note which companies have moved to the Stocks Over $5, Stocks Rated Under 8 or Stocks Not Profitable categories to strike any that have off your list (if you are following the Bowser Game Plan that is)
  5. Take action on any stocks as you see necessary

Investing can be complicated, but with tools like the Low-Priced Investment Ideas Database, it doesn't have to be.

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