How to use the new Forums feature

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Editor Faris Sleem walks you through our all new Forums feature, showing you how to access, search and post content. Check it out today! As a reminder, subscribers who post before February 15, 2018 will automatically receive a free copy of the January 2018 Bowser Database. The Database will publish at the end of [...]

Chatting with LRAD Leadership

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Editor Faris Sleem talks growth, outlook and new products LRAD Corporation (LRAD) shares are up about 20% since our recommendation just under a year and a half ago, and the stock is trading at a new two-year high. It has announced significant improvements in its bookings, its top and bottom lines and its pipeline. Since the company is hitting major milestones, [...]

3 Attributes of a Growth Stock

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What to look for in a potential growth stock The majority of our penny stock recommendations are growth stocks, as value stocks are hard to find nowadays. We use the three following attributes spot growth stocks. Below, we break them down to help you find similar securities and understand what makes these investments so great. COMPETITIVE [...]

Six Big Reasons for Buying Penny Stocks

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Max Bowser, the founder of The Bowser Report, laid the foundation for a unique type of penny stock analysis and found an abundance of success with his approach.  Bowser constantly emphasized the six big reasons for investing in penny stocks, each of which still applies today! 1. Make money Penny stocks have always offered high potential reward [...]

The Impressive Timeline of MeetMe, Inc. (MEET)

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Analyzing MeetMe, Inc. (MEET) Almost One Year Later MeetMe, Inc. (MEET) share price has shot up over 300% since our recommendation and has a 52-week high of $8.11. Publisher Thomas Rice mentioned the company's financial outlook in the monthly recommendation analysis as a strength due to the potential advertisement revenue growth. The best part about the [...]

February 2016 Feature Article: A glimpse into The Female Health Co.

By |2016-03-14T11:47:19-04:00March 14th, 2016|Categories: Blog|

Editor Thomas Rice talks to the company’s leaders On Friday, February 5, Editor Thomas Rice had the opportunity to speak with CEO O.B. Parrish and CFO Michele Greco of January 2016’s Company of the Month, The Female Health Company (FHCO):  Thomas Rice: Can you briefly describe what it is that The Female Health Company does? O.B. Parrish: [...]

Earnings Calendar: March 2016

By |2016-03-02T11:30:31-04:00March 2nd, 2016|Categories: Blog|

Know when these Bowser recommendations are reporting their earnings In March, we expect that ten of our recommendations will report their latest financial results. The results are front loaded, with five of the ten coming in the first week alone. Below are descriptions of when each of the ten companies is expected to report its latest [...]

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