Bowser Microcap Stock Index ends up 0.7%

Last week (07/19/13), the Bowser Microcap Stock Index closed at 583.67--a 0.7% gain from July 12's close of 579.62. Although the Index was up slightly, its weekly high came on Monday, July 15, as it closed at 599.53. On the 15th alone, the Index climbed 19.91 points, or 3.4%. The rest of the week, the Index was up and down, but fell 2.7% from Monday's close. See the chart below for the week's performance.

Microcap Stock Index Update 07-19-13Compared to other indexes, the Bowser Microcap Stock Index finished behind the Russell 2000 (+1.4%) and the S&P 500 (+0.7%).

In what was a mixed week for all indexes, the NASDAQ Composite (-0.4%) was the only index to report a loss for the week. The Dow Jones (+0.5%) finished not far behind the S&P 500 and the Bowser indexes.

See the table below for more the indexes' results.

Dow Jones S&P 500 NASDAQ Com Russell 2000 Bowser Index
 +0.5% +0.7% -0.4%  +1.4%  +0.7% 


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