July total gain now up to 19.1%!

After fluttering around 600 before falling to 583.67 on Friday, July 19, the Bowser Microcap Stock Index closed Friday, July 26 at 614.69. The Index closed above 600 for the first time in months on the 24th (602.55). It didn't stop there, however, but continued to climb, closing at 608.65 on Thursday the 25th and 614.69 on Friday the 26th. See below for a chart of the Index's weekly performance (NOTE: there was an error in Monday, July 22's reporting so it has been omitted from the chart).Bowser Microcap Stock Index 07/19 to 07/26

The Microcap Stock Index climbed a total of 31.02 points last week, representing a 5.3% gain. Since June 28 (the last trading day in June), the Index is up almost 100 points--98.42 points to be exact. That's a gain of 19.1% in July! Catalyzing the run have been the larger holdings in the Index, such as Alliance Fiber Optics (AFOP), which climbed 1.7% last week. Other notable gainers in July include CVD Equipment (CVV)Contango Oil & Gas (MCF)Pizza Inn (PZZI)SunOpta (STKL), Trinity Biotech (TRIB) and others.

Compared to other indexes, the Bowser Microcap Stock Index finished far above the rest, which can be seen in the table below. The mixed results show a blended marketplace. Judging from these results, neither small caps nor large caps outperformed the other last week. Instead, certain individual stocks shined, while other did not, resulting in a week of mixed results.

Dow Jones S&P 500 NASDAQ Com Russell 2000 Bowser Index
 +0.1% -0.0% +0.7% -0.2% +5.3%

How long do you think the Bowser Microcap Stock Index's run will continue? Feel free to comment below, sharing your thoughts on the microcap marketplace, or the market as a whole!


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