PREMIUM: Top-rated Bowser pick trading for less than book value

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This top recommendation has a price-to-book value of less than one Book value, shareholder's equity figure divided by the total shares outstanding, is an indicator of financial strength. Shareholder's equity equals assets less liabilities. The Bowser Report's Ratings System awards a point to any company trading for less than its book value. Over the years, many influential investors have used [...]

Case Study: Tucows Inc. (TCX)

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A quick look at one of The Bowser Report’s most recent winners [hr]The article was originally published in the July 2015 edition of The Bowser Report. [hr] Tucows Inc. (TCX) joined The Bowser Report in January 2013 when it was trading for $1.50 a share ($6 adjusted for the 1-for-4 reverse split). Now, the company is trading for just under $30. As [...]

How often should I check my portfolio?

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Knowing your goals can prevent unnecessary stress over your portfolio I am often asked: "How often should I be checking my portfolio?" Checking your portfolio too often can bring about unwarranted stress. On the other hand, not checking your holdings enough can lead to missed buy and sell points. The balance of avoiding stress, while capitalizing [...]

Basic Charting for the Penny Stock Investor

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Use these charting techniques to maximize profits Charting, or technical analysis on historical price movement, is very beneficial to any trader or investor. Today, I will cover the basics of charting in order to help predict the price movement of a security and formulate entry and exit points. I use candlestick charts because they tell the most about [...]

The Importance of Stop Orders

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Limit your losses and maximize your gains with stop orders A stop order is an order to buy or sell a security when it hits or passes a certain price level. Traders and investors typically use these orders when they have to step away from their computers for a minute, an hour, a day or even [...]

Commodity Predictions for this Summer

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Forecasting crude oil and natural gas commodities in the months to come My overall prediction is a bullish move from oil gas and a pull back from oil during Summer 2015. Although the two commodities typically move together, the recent craziness with oil and great support from natural gas should sufficiently support this prediction. Natural Gas Natural gas [...]

The Risk of Investing in Commodity-Dependent Stocks

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A look into the risks associated with oil and gas securities Commodity-dependent stocks have various risks, of which some investors are not aware. The two specific commodities that are fairly risky at the moment are oil and gas. Most individual investors (not firms) are currently buying shares of any solid energy sector stock that they can [...]

The Bowser Game Plan for Penny Stock Investing

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Successfully invest in penny stocks with our systematic approach Our newsletter is unlike other investment newsletters. We don't simply stick to recommending companies. We preach an investment strategy in the form of the Bowser Game Plan. Of course, whether or not you follow it is up to you. However, it has been revised, tried and proven over our more [...]

6 big reasons for buying minipriced stocks

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Why you should consider minipriced stocks, according to R. Max Bowser Excerpt from Making Dollars with Pennies pages 51-53, edited for audience.  No. 1: Make Money Is there any other reason for owning stocks? None as important as this one! Our own personal portfolio of these minipriced shares has been a rewarding experience, as it has for the increasing [...]

Book value versus potential value

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Maximizing opportunities and minimizing risk by considering two types of value Book value is essentially the value of a security based on historical figures. Potential value is based off of potential catalysts such as a solid press release, higher revenues, and higher earnings per share. Those who analyze a securities based off of book value typically have [...]