Max Bowser, the founder of The Bowser Report, laid the foundation for a unique type of penny stock analysis and found an abundance of success with his approach.  Bowser constantly emphasized the six big reasons for investing in penny stocks, each of which still applies today!

1. Make money

Penny stocks have always offered high potential reward for investors. Although the risk is high, if you stick to the Bowser Game Plan and invest in the right companies, you can minimize risk and maximize reward.

2. Little capital requirement

The largest barrier for a new investor is the myth that you need to have a large chunk of cash to make money. Penny stocks allow you to invest with any amount as long as commissions do not reduce your profits in a significant manner.

3. Minimal effort

For analyzing larger companies, there are many different moving pieces that require time and effort. By investing in penny stocks, you can keep things simple and avoid wasting time.

4. Protection from severe losses

The Bowser Game Plan focuses on diversification, cutting losses and taking profits. With any money management system, you can protect yourself from severe losses. However, if the markets crash and you are holding large cap stocks, there is a good chance your holdings will crash as well. Smaller stocks usually have little to no correlation with the markets.

5. Little concern for daily market fluctuations

The protection from severe losses also applies to this point. Large cap investors have to be concerned with market risks as they could take a loss on a substantial pullback. Penny stock investors usually see little to no correlation with the markets, resulting in less time spent worrying by a computer screen.

6. Benefit from our research

The only effort required for investing in penny stocks comes from developing a game plan for execution and conducting analysis. The Bowser Report provides investors with both. So, minimal effort is required while you profit from our recommendations. If you conduct your own research, be sure to have some sort of systematic approach in order to avoid leaving your comfort zone.

Overall, there are many reasons to invest in penny stocks, but the largest incentive is to take advantage of high reward investments with minimal effort required.

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