Lately, we have received a number of questions about warrants. Here, at The Bowser Report, we feel that these equities are great opportunities to make money in the stock market. However, not too many are aware of warrants or how they work. In fact, because of the lack of understanding, many steer clear of these options.

As a result, we devised the Warrant Booklet--a brief publication that includes 8 articles just on warrants. At first, the booklet contained scanned articles from the Warrant Register publication (no longer printed as a standalone product). With the release of the NEW 2nd Edition, however, the Warrant Booklet contains typed versions of the articles that have been edited and footnoted for an enhanced learning experience. The articles now also feature their original publication dates. The 2nd Edition features two new stories and a reworked preface and title page. Now, the Warrant Booklet not only looks better but also provides more information to its readers.

The Booklet's price, as a result of the changes, increased from $5 to $8. Still, at this low price, this tool is a MUST for any investor interested in buying/selling warrants the Bowser way, or not. Head on over to the SHOP page now and add this necessary publication to your cart!