Yesterday was publication day for the October 2014 Bowser Database. Since January of this year, we have published the Database on a quarterly basis, allowing investors to stay up-to-date with the hundreds of companies listed in the publication's pages.

Here are some details on the October 2014 issue:

  • It features just shy of 300 companies;
  • Each company features 16 fields of information, from the company's name and symbol to its trailing twelve month revenues and earnings figures;
  • We deleted 5 companies due to lack of information;
  • We deleted 2 companies due to mergers or acquisitions;
  • We deleted 1 company due to bankruptcy;
  • 2 companies climbed to over $5 a share;
  • We added 10 new companies;

The following are a few of the companies that we added to the October 2014 edition of the Database.

  • Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. (ASM): produces and sells silver and gold, and acquires, explores, and develops mineral properties in Canada and Mexico. With no long-term debt, ASM has trailing twelve month revenues of $16.6 million and trailing twelve month earnings of $510,000. The company has a Bowser Rating of 8.
  • Broadway Financial Corp. (BYFC): a bank holding company for Broadway Federal Bank. BYFC received a Bowser Rating of 10, with $13.4 million in trailing twelve month sales and $1.6 million in trailing twelve month earnings.
  • ERBA Diagnostics, Inc. (ERB): develops, manufactures and markets diagnostic test kits or assays, and automated systems used in the detection of disease markers. Over the past twelve months, ERB has generated $28.6 million in revenues and $1.5 million in earnings. The company received a Bowser Rating of 10, highlighted by its year-over-year revenue and earnings growth.

Copies of the Database can be purchased individually (single issue--$25) or via subscription (one year--$79, two year--$135). For more details on the Database and to purchase, visit the Bowser Database page.