Bowser Microcap Stock Index falls 0.7%

The Bowser Microcap Stock Index closed down again this week. This time, the index stepped back 0.7% from Thursday March 28's close of 498.57 to this past Friday's close of 495.27. (Remember, we are using Thursday March 28's figure because the markets were closed in observance of Good Friday on March 29.) The Index's weekly low was 488.74 on Wednesday April 3. Thursday and Friday the Microcap Stock Index made up some of its losses, however, climbing 1.3% from Wednesday's close. See the chart below for a visual representation. (We had an error in Monday April 1's reporting).

Bowser Microcap Stock Index 04/09/13

Bowser Microcap Stock Index 03/28/13 to 04/05/13

This past week, the Bowser Microcap Stock Index trailed only the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which was down just 0.1%. All of the other major indexes that we report were down at least 1%, with the Russell 2000 posting the biggest loss--3.0%.

The other major indexes were as follows:

There were no changes to the Index's companies this week.

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