After what appeared was going to be a very good January for the Bowser Microcap Index, the index slid over the past week from a close of 511.60 on January 22 to a close of 501.50 on January 25. The 511.60 close in the middle of the week represented a 2.4% rise since the end of December--up from 499.43 on December 26. While this rise is almost gone, we remain hopeful because a number of stocks in the Microcap Stock Index have been performing well lately--a trend which could continue as the New Year progresses.

We did make one change since our last update. Joe's Jeans (JOEZ) replaced LML Payment Systems (LMLP), which was acquired by Digital River (DRIV)--read about this acquisition here. This change resulted in a shift in the weighting of the Microcap Stock Index, which could have a small part in the 2.0% slide over the past few days.

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