Why you should consider minipriced stocks, according to R. Max Bowser

Excerpt from Making Dollars with Pennies pages 51-53, edited for audience.

 No. 1: Make Money

Is there any other reason for owning stocks? None as important as this one! Our own personal portfolio of these minipriced shares has been a rewarding experience, as it has for the increasing number of others who are using the Bowser System.

No. 2: You Can Start with Little Capital

With on $200 to $300 you can by your first 100 shares. Of course, we want you to diversify, so you don't stop with your first 100 shares. As you save more money, you keep building your portfolio until you have at least 12 to 18 different issues. And, as for the tools needed in your new investment program, a subscription to The Bowser Report is all you need.

No. 3: Minimum Effort Required

You must devote some time to this investment program, but the effort expended will be minimal. It should be a pleasurable experience... The record keeping is not extensive. The buying and selling is fast and easy with online brokerages or brief telephone calls to your brokerage. Surprisingly, you won't be selling very frequently. You'll have most of these shares for a comparatively long period of time, allowing them to develop and appreciate.

No. 4: Protection from Severe Losses

This protection comes from two features:

  1. Limiting the purchase price of each share to $3 or less means that when you buy a hundred shares, the most that you can lose is $300 plus commissions. But, if you follow the newsletter and our Game Plan, you will have sold long before such a disastrous deterioration takes place.
  2. By being so widely diversified, if you do have a loss in one issue, you can recoup with the gain of one of the others.

No. 5: Little Concern with Daily Market Fluctuations

The mood of the market will be reflected in your portfolio. You will do better when the bulls are happy. Keep in mind, though, that these are shares of companies whose earnings have "gone to pot" and now they are returning to a profitable statues, or they are young firms struggling to find their "place in the sun." When a corporation in either of these two categories reaches its goal, the market will reward its performance by bidding up the price of its shares. Here is where patience pays dividends. Concentrate on the 12 to 18 corporations that are in your portfolio. Your primary concern is how well they are doing in sales and earnings. Don't be too overly concerned by the gyrations of the market as a whole. As long as there has been a stock market, it has fluctuated.

No.6: Benefit of Our Research

The beautiful part of this joint venture, from your viewpoint, is that we do most of the work. We are the ones who are constantly searching for new minipriced stocks. We are the ones who spend many hours using the exclusive Bowser Ratings as part of the constant surveillance of our long list of minipriced stocks. In other words, you benefit from our research.


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