How the stocks that we've recommended have done

It’s that time again! The release of our annual Historical Review. After 36 years, this database is turning into quite a large document. The good news is that if you don’t want to thumb through the 20 plus pages of Bowser history, we are including a very comprehensive summary of this year’s Historical Review below.

If you do wish to look through the entire document, please send a self-addressed first class flat envelope with $0.86 in postage. We will be more than happy to send you a copy.


The 2013 Historical Review includes 597 Bowser stocks--that’s quite a few picks. Of those 597, 258 (43%) are up from their original Bowser price at recommendation and 339 (57%) are down. Of those 339 that are down, 285 (84%) climbed higher than their recommendation price. More noteworthy, 153 of the 339 (45%) doubled or more before falling back below their original price. So, that means 543 of the 593 stocks we have recommended appreciated after we wrote them up, leaving just 50 in over 36 years that have not gone up at all.

Most of the companies whose current price is higher than their recommendation price appreciated between 101% and 500%. See the table below for the full breakdown:

Percentages Number of stocks Percentage of stocks up
0-100% 93 36%
101-500% 102 40%
501-1000% 32 12%
1001+% 31 12%
TOTAL 258 100%

This year, the Review’s total gain was +131,622%, down just over 4,000% compared to last year’s Historical Review. We calculate this number by adding and subtracting all of the plusses and minues in the “% Gain/Loss” column of the Review. The chart below shows the Historical Reviews’ performance over the past 6 years (2008-2013).

Bowser Stocks Performance 2008-2013


216 of our recommended companies have gone through some sort of buyout deal. These deals include mergers, acquisitions, privitizations, etc. 152 (70%) of those buyouts were for a higher price than the price when we recommended them.


Of the most recent additions, eight were up and four were down. Of the eight that were up, five had gains between 0% and 100% and three had gains between 101% and 500%. Altogether, this year’s stocks were +436% when you add the pluses and minuses.


As always, we found the Review’s biggest winners. Below we have published the top five:
MICROS System (GS:MCRS): +14,431% (Rec 11/81)
Smithfield Foods (N:SFD): +13,700%
MICROS System (GS:MCRS): +13,069% (Rec 10/84)
Semtech Corp (GS:SMTC): +11,082%
Air Methods (N:AIRM): +4,996%