Buying penny stocks at support and resistance

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Using key support levels to improve buying penny stocks Fundamental analysis is the primary factor to consider when investing long-term. To that end, our monthly newsletter picks fundamentally-sound companies and the Bowser Game Plan focuses on when to exit your long-term positions versus buying penny stocks. However, we are often asked how we set our entry targets [...]

Buying the dip to maximize gains

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How to spot and capitalize on buying the dip during market weakness This article was adapted from the May 2021 newsletter. The enormous run up from penny stocks over the past year has come with plenty of ups and downs. Increasing price fluctuations and higher overall volume have made passive portfolio management much more difficult. Investors who [...]

Buy-and-hold vs. the Bowser Game Plan

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Answering the long-standing question: what if I just bought and held?  by Roger Otting This article was originally published in the February 2021 monthly newsletter.  A recent note to The Bowser Report asks: “Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE) has moved above $8 per share; did I sell too early?”  This is an excellent question that addresses a larger [...]

2020 Stock of the Year

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Retractable Technologies (RVP) Unlike last year’s top pick [Repro Med Systems (KRMD)], Retractable Technologies is a recent addition to the newsletter, named Company of the Month in January 2020. At the time, RVP was trading at $1.48.  Just a couple of months after recommendation, the world and financial markets were shocked by the COVID-19 [...]

Reviewing the COVID-19 Crash

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Looking back on March's COVID-19 Crash now that the market has fully recovered 2020 has been a roller coaster for investors. The global pandemic significantly hurt the economy and major indices sold off. Fast forward six months and the economy has barely recovered, but the stock market is at all-time highs following the COVID-19 crash. So [...]

The Bowser Portfolio Tracker

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This article was originally published in the May 2020 issue of The Bowser Report (Vol. 44, No. 5) A spreadsheet to help simplify investing even further Rule #6 of the Bowser Game Plan details the need to accurately track your portfolio. While a brokerage account provides you with portfolio value and trade logs, it does not provide [...]

Stocks on sale after the coronavirus crash

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Stocks on sale after the coronavirus crash There’s no denying that the coronavirus outbreak has left small cap stocks in shambles. While Bowser stocks have been outperforming major indices, many of them have still sold off quite a bit. Even companies that don’t expect to lose business are still losing plenty of market value. Below is [...]

2019 Stock of the Year

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Repro Med Systems (KRMD) Repro Med Systems (KRMD), doing business as KORU Medical Systems, designs, manufactures and markets portable medical devices for the ambulatory infusion market. The company offers mechanical infusion products comprising the FREEDOM infusion systems that include the FREEDOM60 syringe driver, the FreedomEdge syringe driver, HIgH-Flo subcutaneous safety needle sets and RMS precision [...]

Setting up a microcap stock portfolio

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Guidelines for getting your portfolio underway Finding the stocks to buy is only a fraction of the equation when it comes to investing. Beyond what to buy, you need to know where, how much and when to set up your portfolio effectively. If that sounds complicated, we'll simplify it for you. Where? You'll need a brokerage. [...]

Which brokerage is right for you in a zero commission market?

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 On October 1, Charles Schwab was the first major brokerage to cut commission fees by dropping its $4.95 per trade commission entirely beginning on October 7. Shortly after Charles Schwab’s announcement, E*Trade followed suit with $0 trades also starting on October 7. Then, TD Ameritrade (which merged with Scottrade) joined its competitors with a rollout date [...]

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