Start Investing Today: A Beginner’s Guide to Financial Freedom

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If you're like thousands of individuals, your money is sitting in a low yield savings account. However, this earns minimal returns that actually decrease your purchasing power over time as inflation expands. Others are happy to let someone else manage their money, which is better than nothing. However, paying annual fees eats into your potential returns. [...]

Investment Ideas: The Ultimate Tool

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Find stock ideas using the Low-Priced Investment Ideas Database One of the most challenging aspects of investing (once you've set your strategy) is finding investment ideas. In the past, we've discussed the best screeners to uncover opportunities, but there is another way. The Low-Priced Investment Ideas Database is the culmination of all of The Bowser Report's screens [...]

Patient investing: Increasing the odds of profit

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Understanding how patient investing boosts success Time, and more specifically PATIENT INVESTING, is essential to portfolio management. However, most investors fail to consider time when they make an investment or develop a strategy. The sooner, the better is the default philosophy. A lack of patience, however, often leads to poor results. In the words of The [...]

Value investing in penny stocks

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Value investing lessons learned and applied from The Intelligent Investor Benjamin Graham, an economist and investor born in 1894, is widely recognized for the success of one of his disciples – Warren Buffett. However, Graham also contributed some of the best neoclassical investing texts to the financial world. In 1949, he released The Intelligent Investor which [...]

Moving averages: A simple strategy for buying penny stocks

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Understanding moving averages and how to use them for buy targets The Bowser Report focuses on fundamental analysis to determine what stocks to buy. However, we often rely on technical analysis (like moving averages) to know when to buy the stocks we recommend. While this is not necessary to see big profits (just check out this study a [...]

Penny stock investing and The Intelligent Investor

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Beating the market with long-term selectivity in penny stock investing Promises to beat the market fill penny stock investing media. Others caution to stay away from penny stocks all together. In most cases, promises of superior gains are too good to be true, especially when lacking transparent methodologies for identifying and profiting. But, penny stock investing [...]

Buying penny stocks at support and resistance

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Using key support levels to improve buying penny stocks Fundamental analysis is the primary factor to consider when investing long-term. To that end, our monthly newsletter picks fundamentally-sound companies and the Bowser Game Plan focuses on when to exit your long-term positions versus buying penny stocks. However, we are often asked how we set our entry targets [...]

Buying the dip to maximize gains

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How to spot and capitalize on buying the dip during market weakness This article was adapted from the May 2021 newsletter. The enormous run up from penny stocks over the past year has come with plenty of ups and downs. Increasing price fluctuations and higher overall volume have made passive portfolio management much more difficult. Investors who [...]

Buy-and-hold vs. the Bowser Game Plan

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Answering the long-standing question: what if I just bought and held?  by Roger Otting This article was originally published in the February 2021 monthly newsletter.  A recent note to The Bowser Report asks: “Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE) has moved above $8 per share; did I sell too early?”  This is an excellent question that addresses a larger [...]

2020 Stock of the Year

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Retractable Technologies (RVP) Unlike last year’s top pick [Repro Med Systems (KRMD)], Retractable Technologies is a recent addition to the newsletter, named Company of the Month in January 2020. At the time, RVP was trading at $1.48.  Just a couple of months after recommendation, the world and financial markets were shocked by the COVID-19 [...]

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