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(they recommended selling)

He probably wanted to answer it
in the Bowser Report, as not
everybody attends this forum.

In the February electronic
version, as he really had
not much choice, he recommended
selling it, because the company,
itself, can not be sure of it’s
plans, because it is very
contingent on responses from
parties they can not know what
will be.

I am sympathetic to the company,
because the exchange simply
doesn’t manage a good market-making
for industrial, miniature manufacturing
type stocks. They figure: they’re
going to pay all this money for all
of these compliances, and they don’t
get any market-making.

just the way market goes now

They probably figured they can come
back to the market later, when their
situation better merits paying those
expenses, and save themselves money,
and save investors time.

Imperfectly, of course.

(I prefer the paper version too,
and look forward to receiving it.
Things can move very fast now,
and, well, I do sneak a peek at
the e-version.)

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