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Same here but I try to buy the company of the month every month. I research the company of the month to find the price the company was prior to the inevitable run up Friday afternoon (before the closing of trading) and then put a Good Till Cancelled (GTC) time on the buy at the pre run up in price. Generally within a month the stock will have at least touched that price again. The only stock I have not been able to buy yet at that price has been CAW, plenty of time for it to hit the mark and was able to buy RADA today at $2.18.

For me the best part of the Bowser Plan has been to train myself to sell half at doubling. I have to fight the greedy me to sell half at doubling because of the thought that maybe just maybe I can hold on and make more. Max in a private email told me “stick to the plan and you will make money, maybe not overnight but you will make money”, and I have.