These three recommendations will pay a dividend in October

Dividends are a display of financial strength. They are also a good way to return value to shareholders. The Bowser Ratings System awards a point if a company has paid a dividend in the past twelve months. The Ratings System also awards a point if a company has not paid a dividend and cannot afford to pay a dividend. After all, that's just being financially responsible.

Currently there are a few company's in The Bowser Report that issue dividends to shareholders. Of those few, three are paying dividends in October.

1. Manhattan Bridge Capital (LOAN)

Bowser Rating: 9

  • Date of record: October 9, 2015
  • Dividend date: October 15, 2015
  • Dividend amount: $0.08 per share
  • Forward annual yield: 7.77%

Manhattan Bridge first appeared in The Bowser Report in February 2010. Currently one of the most tenured stocks in the newsletter, LOAN has done well for subscribers. Originally featured at $1.10 per share, the stock hit a high after recommendation of $4.78 (a 335% gain). Shares are now trading at $4.15 (277% above recommendation price).


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