Changes to The Bowser Database increase value, decrease cost

The Bowser Database was once available via annual subscription. However, most recently, it has been available month-to-month. Initially, subscriptions to this publication weren't going so well. So, we rethought the business model, making it available monthly. Now, we have seen an increased interest. So, we thought, "The time has come to change up the Database's model again."

Here is what we came up with:

From now on, The Bowser Database will be available as an annual subscription option that publishes quarterly.

Why change to a subscription-based service?

A number of customers purchase the Database regularly. A subscription option makes it easier on these customers, who now only have to make one purchase per year. The subscription option also offers savings. Instead of purchasing 4 or more issues for $20 an issue, subscribers will get 4 issues for $79, saving at least $1/year, but in most cases more.

Why make The Bowser Database available quarterly?

The Database features information on companies that is updated quarterly (earnings). So, four times a year, the publication gets a huge facelift. The other eight months, only a small number of changes are made. So, by offering the publication quarterly, subscribers get the most for their money!

Are single issues still available?

Yes! If a customer does not want to subscribe for the full 4 issues, he or she can purchase a single issue.

What will The Bowser Database cost?

See the breakdown below for pricing information:

  • Single issue: $25
  • One-year subscription: $79 (save $21, or $5.25/issue)
  • Two-year subscription: $135 (save $65, or $8.13/issue)

Issues will publish January 15, April 15, July 15 and October 15.

Subscribe to The Bowser Database today!