Bowser Microcap Stock Index continues weekly slide, losing 1.7%

After posting a 3.7% loss last week, the Bowser Microcap Stock Index closed this week down another 1.7%. Driving this week's slide was Contango Oil & Gas's (MCF) 8.2% decline from Friday February 22 to Monday February 25. The main culprit? Revenue and earnings misses (see MCF's quarterly results here).

With MCF's slide coming Monday, the whole Microcap Stock Index closed down 2.3% for the day. The rest of the week, it slowly climbed, however, making back 0.6% of Monday's considerable losses (see the chart below for a visual representation).

Microcap Stock Index update 03/04/13

Microcap Stock Index chart

The Bowser Microcap Stock Index, for the second straight week, sits at the bottom of the totem pole when compared to major indexes. Next from the bottom is the Russell 2000--which fell a similar 2.2% on Monday--showing a poor week for smaller stocks. Larger stocks had better weeks, but nothing too exciting as none of the large stock indexes could manage 1.0% gains or higher. The indexes closed the week as follows:

There were no changes to the Index's companies this week.

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