Thomas Rice, publisher and editor of The Bowser Report has compiled the results for the 2015 Annual Historical Review.  Featured in this rather lengthy document is every stock we've recommended. The Historical Review grows each and every year as we recommend more companies. The 2015 edition features a whopping 622 picks.


Over the years, we have had a number of picks do very well.  To highlight these successes, 104 (38%) of our selections are currently up between 101% and 500%; 37 (13%) are between 501% and 1,000%; and 36 (13%) are above 1,001%. Of the 622 total Companies of the Month, 571 appreciated after we recommended them, with 392, or 63%, doubling or more. See the Bowser’s Honor Roll below for the 27 companies that are current up over 1,500%.

The most consistent truth with the Historical Review is there are more stocks down than up. This year, 275 are currently up, while 347 are currently down.  This, as always, highlights two very important lessons:  (1) These are not stocks you buy and hold. FOLLOW THE SELLING PLAN; and (2) DIVERSIFY. . . Despite the higher number of losers compared to gainers, if you add up all of the pluses and minuses, it comes to +179,003, up from 169,784% last year. Divide that total by the number of picks, and you get an average total gain of 288%!



The following recommendations, as revealed by the new Historical Review, are the top ten gainers of all time:

Stock/Date Picked Gain
MICROS Systems (10/84)(1) 23,348%
Smithfield Foods (07/77)(2) 22,567%
MICROS Systems (11/81)(1) 21,150%
Semtech Corp (06/86) 10,952%
Air Methods (10/99) 5,689%
Inamed Corp (09/89)(3) 4,490%
Utah Medical (12/86) 4,373%
Spectrum Group (08/94) 3,900%
Skywork Solutions (06/77) 3,365%
Nathan’s Famous (09/83) 3,164%

(1) Tendered @ $68; (2) Merged @ $34; (3) Acquired @ $84



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