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Standing up for “cheap” stocks

Jeff Macke of Breakout published an article recently, titled, “Why ‘cheap’ stocks are for suckers.” Macke’s article brings up a couple of good points:

“Dollar value per share doesn’t tell the whole story;” and Reverse splits can “mask… ineptitude.”

Macke notes that market capitalization–the cost per share multiplied by the number of shares–is more telling than … Read a bit more

How have we done since 1977?

Publisher/Editor Thomas Rice has compiled the Annual Historical Review. It shows what’s happened to every stock we’ve recommended since 1977. This year, there were a total of 610 recommendations featured in the document, which spanned over 20 pages.

This year, The Bowser Report’s recommendations did considerably well, making a huge stride in the total gain … Read a bit more

December 2013 Feature: Microcap Management

The importance of management in the small, publicly trading company

So much goes into the companies that we deal with. On the surface, there are the companies’ technicals: trading price, volume, moving averages, etc. A little further down, there are its fundamentals: revenues, net income, assets, liabilities, etc. Even further down, there’s management: CEOs, CFOs, … Read a bit more